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Crazy Feat

Did you really buy the Authentic or not?

You support factories that make imitations, you support fraudsters!

Are those who copy genuine shoes just stealing a successful design or a successful patent, or something more?

Maybe, as a first thought it comes to us that ok they "borrowed" something nice or something that succeeded and they offer it to us at a better price, why not? Have these companies not made enough; Let me also benefit as a customer. But if we think about it better, since they do not hesitate to steal from such large companies that have legal services, time and money, will they hesitate to steal from you;


How do they steal from us?


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When do the feet change size?

The feet follow the natural development of the body as the babies grow and gradually develop into children and teenagers. The feet are the most used part of the body and will gradually be able to walk several tens of thousands of kilometers, depending on the lifestyle chosen. Gravity, gradual weight gain and time will add in changing size.

But when does the size change?

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